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Purpose of Project

There are an estimated 2.6 million military veterans in the UK – and 900,000 of them are estimated to be of working age. Veterans Work encourages businesses to consider these veterans as part of their hiring strategy.

What do we want? 

Veterans Work challenges employers to look beyond rigid hiring criteria and recognise the value that Service leavers can bring to business. Taking a slightly longer term view and harnessing the transferrable skills of veterans can pay great dividends.


This film explores Veterans’ transferrable skills.


This film challenges the meaning of the word Veteran and gives a broader view of their diversity and talents.


This film identifies the business case for employing Veterans and why ‘Military is good for business’.


The ‘Veterans Work’ report produced by Deloitte, the Officers’ Association and Forces in Mind Trust highlights some of the challenges faced by UK veterans entering employment, and the significant benefits organisations can realise by recruiting from the veteran talent pool.

Across the country, three in ten businesses admit they have not even considered employing veterans. While the majority claim to be more open minded, 60 per cent of businesses rule out recruiting someone if they have no industry specific experience. There are roughly 700,000 veterans currently in employment, over half find themselves in routine, low-skilled or low-paid jobs. It is an alarming waste of talent.

The Veterans Work report is part of Deloitte’s One Million Futures programme which addresses the challenges faced by many people in the UK in accessing education, training and employment and how we overcome these barriers to unlock the full potential of groups of ‘hidden talent’ within our society.

The report calls on policymakers to find a better balance between the short-term, tactical objective of placing Service leavers into employment, with the long-term alternative of developing veterans’ transferable skills and vocational qualifications.



With the aim of encouraging UK business to consider employing ex-military personnel, Veterans Work is a collaborative partnership between Deloitte, the Officers’ Association, The Drive Project, the Forces in Mind Trust – supported by Business in the Community.


Deloitte UK and the Officers’ Association, supported by Business in the Community, asked The Drive Project to bring the successful research report, Veterans Work, to life using the arts. The aim was to communicate the key messages from the report to a broader audience, so that even more UK employers are aware of the tangible benefits veterans can bring to their businesses and in doing so enable veterans to fulfil their employment potential. The message needed to be accessible to all employers regardless of size or industry.

The Drive Project, recognising the importance of easily digestible content, knew that by producing a series of short films, the messages would be communicated clearly and with impact; they approached  award-winning filmmaker Jacob Perlmutter. Jacob’s unique style enabled the research report filled with insightful data and case studies to become visual and dynamic. Jacob and The Drive Project wrote the films scripts focusing on the key themes; veterans’ transferable skills and experience, the commercial business case of hiring a veteran and changing perceptions of who a veteran actually is. 

Working alongside the film producer Anna Bolton, a talented production team of over 45 members were brought together including Yannis Manolopoulos, Director of Photography and the composer Diogo Strausz. 

The Drive Project knew that in order to captivate UK employers as well as the public, a range of personalities needed to be represented in the films; reaching out to the great and the good of stage and screen, business leaders and importantly veterans to star in the films. This combination has never been brought together before. Through the generous support of BT and Good Relations, fantastic and hard to reach filming locations were secured.

Jacob chose to make each of the films as a long take, shot on a Steadicam. The fluidity of the movement represents the smooth running of a highly functioning business with all the components in motion. The films are slick and capable, like veterans. The music too, emphasises the coolness and light touch of veterans. Their voice is represented by the jazz drum, which at the start and end of each film is joined by the accompanying colleagues, the horns. Everything in these films is meta, everything working as one.

The number of people and businesses involved in making the films is fantastic and reflective of the support for this campaign. From the hugely talented production crew, to the building security staff on our shoot locations, there was a multitude of individuals who were involved in this project and a huge debt of gratitude is owed to all of them. 

We hope that through sharing these films,  the number and diversity of employment opportunities for veterans will increase. 



Press are invited to download information about the project and media assets from this Dropbox folder.



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